The associations’ overall goal is to contribute to economic development, through fostering innovation to meet the following objectives


Connect all stakeholders in the Fintech community locally, regionally and internationally to establish a bridge for the Egyptian Fintech ecosystem and ensure that support systems exist for a more collaborative environment.


It will also foster innovation among Association members and the Egyptian FinTech ecosystem; accelerate development of FinTech companies operating in or entering into the Egyptian market, and their subsequent integration and acceleration into the FinTech ecosystem.


Develop a well-structured thought-led engagement channel to accelerate the Fintech community in Egypt including research, technical, policy formulation reviews; legal and regulatory information and implementation support that affects economic development, diversification and deployment of resources, which ultimately provides opportunities for the industry and its members.


Engage with industry players including regulators, legislature, Government agencies and NGO's in policy making to support Fintech innovation and provide feedback to the Fintech community on issues affecting Fintech and Related sectors. It will also represent, align and support common interests by coordinating and catalyzing otherwise individual actions so that the Association can fairly represent the FinTech community.

Egyptian FinTech Association

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